My name is Irene Santineer and I help businesses and business owners maximise their visibility online.

I am in Internet Marketer, training under the World's No 1 Internet Business Coach, David Cavanagh. I help business owners improve their presence online by creating short, explainer videos. These videos showcase either an aspect of a business or the business as a whole and can be used for any promotional campaign. These videos work for every type of business.

Video is an amazing way to be visible online with only a small percentage harnessing its power! Each video created can be posted to YouTube where it is ranked, on the 1st page, using strong keyword phrases.

I specialise in helping businesses achieve 1st page ranking in Google and YouTube (where possible) FAST so that they can market their businesses to people utilizing a variety of social media platforms. 

SPECIALITIES: Content strategy & planning, Linkedin coach & specialist, YouTube marketer, internet marketer, short, information video creator, Mobile Business Cards, web hosting, WordPress security, ranking businesses on 1st page of Google without Google Adspend or other Adspend.

Irene recently produced a video for me on how to look good on a Zoom online meeting. The material was taken from some posts that I wrote for LinkedIn. All I had to do was to provide Irene with my notes and some photos as examples. Irene did the rest. I was very pleased with the result, it is a very engaging video and presented the content very well. I would highly recommend Irene for all your promotional videos.  Manjit Sohal -  Sohal Light Photography

I recently got in touch with Irene about putting together a video to summarise and promote my business. After just one phone call, and an agreement to create a video for me, Irene went away and created something quite amazing in a very short space of time. I was expecting to have to provide lots of images, scripts and personal input, but no. Irene listened and captured the essence of my business in one video. Really looking forward to my next video creation! Wonderful service, wonderful lady! Jo Bradley - Learnful Education

Irene is a smart lady who can synthesize complex information, simplify it, and apply it to the situation at hand. When she did this for me, it was like a light bulb coming on, and I instantly understood what I had not in the previous 2 days, and was then able to think and plan and act accordingly! I highly recommend her and her services to everyone! Beverley Allen CISA

I recently did some Linkedin training with Irene. She really put me through my paces but everything was easy to understand and achieveable. She was very patient and a good teacher. I would highly recommend her if you are looking to start using Linkedin to bring leads into your business.   Patrick David Business Owner

Business owners use social media daily to connect with their audiences, raise awareness, and drive leads to their business.

Successfully using 1 or 2 platforms makes the reach of branding campaigns much ore effective.

However, success comes from having a strong, vibrant online community of loyal fans. These fans actively engage in your content, share your promotions and posts and become consistent buyers.

Social Media is a hungry beast but feeding it consistently means everyone is satisfied.

How do you stay visible?

Hold contests

Contests are a superb way to reach a new audience, increase your engagement.

Tips for a successful social media contest:

  • Promote it everywhere - Use your website, email list, and other social networks to drum up participation.
  • Do not give away prizes completely unrelated to your brand - If you run a garden store, don't give away a pair of well know flip flops!
  • Keep to the platform rules - Don't overstep the mark or violate the platform rules.
  • Don't ignore those who don't win. Write and thank them for entering. Maybe send them a free cheatsheet or a discount voucher to spend in your business 

 The Power of Video

Video is the most engaging content type on every social media platform. Bad news if you hate posting video of yourself but it really is the best way to build your brand. Short, explainer videos can help you overcome your dislike of being on camera. Animated videos are a fun way to engage your audience. However, your followers will want to see what you look like and how you sound. Spend time learning how to be comfortable on camera because it will make a huge difference to your business. 

Be proactive in listening to and responding to your online community

Did you know that 83% of your Facebook fans, and 71% of your Twitter followers, now expect a response from you on the same day that they pose a question on each respective platform?

In fact, 32% of Twitter users now expect a response within just 30 minutes.

Give your followers a fantastic user experience on social by being exceptionally responsive. Listen to their needs, and respond accordingly.

You should also look to publicly recognize people who retweet, favorite, and mention your organization on Twitter, and thank users who comment on Instagram and YouTube.

When you make your online community feel heard and acknowledged, they're more likely to become raving fans, and your most loyal social media ambassadors.

Keep your profile pictures up to date!

Regularly change these visual elements of your profiles. 

Use the banner sections to highlight special offers you are running. Update these areas with any awards you have won.

Make sure the profile pictures are clear and that they fit.

Encourage engagement.

An effective strategy to engage your followers is to encourage tagging of other people who may benefit from, or enjoy a specific post.

If you post something inspiring or encouraging, include “Tag a friend who needs this today”

Likewise, if you post a video about Valentine's Day, encourage your community to tag a friend (or better, friends) who means the world to them.

Use this technique sparingly as, used too much, it will come over as spammy.   

Have fun!

Brands that use humour do well on social media. Keep the humour relevant to your brand and message. Don't stray into areas that will court controversy. Guard your brand even if you use humour to enhance the audience experience.

Free or Paid?

Ramping up your social media presence might mean exploring using paid methods. You may need to think about employing the services of a PA or VA to post according to your brand and company values.

You may need to think about using Facebook ads or Twitter ads to increase your reach and target a particular demographic.

However, NEVER, EVER buy followers or fans. This might seem a good idea but it is bad practise. These "followers" will not be loyal to you and often cause more issues than they are worth. They damage your reach. 

Focus on providing good, consistent content that solves issues and brings engagement. Position yourself as an expert. Give value.

Hopefully you have found value in this short guide.

Think about your ideal client and get to know them. Once you have that ideal client in your mind, every pieve of content, engagement and every connection should be based on that ideal client.

Social media platforms are an amazing way to build your business and brand. It is the way it is nowadays. Harness the power of being visible and you will have a loyal base of fans who will be a steady pipeline of revenue into your business.

Try out some of these tactics and grow your social media following straight away!

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